Places To Elope In Chicago

I have had many couples ask me to marry them in a small, private ceremony. Sometimes it is just the couple “eloping”, while other times they have invited a few friends and relatives to join them. Either way, no witnesses are required for any wedding in the greater Chicago area. Here are at least five… Continue Reading

Rain On Your Wedding Day

This is an amazing and true story. I have only removed the names and location to protect the privacy of the people involved. This past July (2015), I happened to have 2 different weddings scheduled back-to-back at the same lovely golf course, one for Friday evening, and the other for Saturday evening. Neither of the… Continue Reading

Recognizing Your Parents In Your Wedding Ceremony

Parents play an important part in many weddings. For younger couples, parents often pay part or all of the wedding expenses, and even for the honeymoon too. And with a large number of weddings costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, that is no small contribution. Even older couples often have their parents pay… Continue Reading

Including Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

Children can be a wonderful part of a wedding ceremony. If either the Bride or Groom has children of their own from a previous relationship, and especially if they live with their parent, it is vital to include them in the wedding ceremony (in my opinion). The main underlying reason to include children is that… Continue Reading

Custom Wedding Vows – Writing Your Own

You may be like many other couples who want to create their own custom wedding vows. I have compiled a collection of over 200 vows, and there are many more I still have not seen. Couples that choose me to be their wedding officiant can obtain from me a very comprehensive list of ideas and… Continue Reading

How NOT To Save Money On Your Wedding

Is saving money the real “bottom line” when it comes to one of the most important days of your life? There is no question that a wedding can be very expensive. And many couples have wisely tried to keep their costs down. Since there is no “right” or “wrong” budget for a wedding, this is… Continue Reading

The Ring Exchange During A Wedding Ceremony

This article concerns the symbolism of a couple exchanging rings during their wedding ceremony. Quite a lot has been written about how rings, and especially diamonds, have become the standard “requirement” in weddings. At least in Western societies, it is extremely rare for a wedding to take place without a woman having a diamond ring.… Continue Reading

“If A Bird Loved A Fish, Where Would They Live?”

There is supposedly an old American Indian saying – “If A Bird Loved A Fish, Where Would They Live?” What it implies is that love is not enough for a relationship to develop and last. COMPATIBILITY is also absolutely central and crucial, and if ignored, can undermine even a very loving relationship. According to Divorce Magazine,… Continue Reading

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